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MRI is a valuable imaging tool for almost every joint in the body due to its ability to asses a wide range of anatomy and pathologies, ranging from ligamentous injuries to articular cartilage lesions.

UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) - Guidelines for Scaphoid Fracture Diagnosis


MRI was identified as the gold standard method for imaging of the scaphoid and MRI was regarded as the most accurate and only acceptable method.

  • The GDG, therefore, chose to recommend that immediate MRI be used as the first line investigation in all patients with a clinically suspected scaphoid fracture. They also noted that MRI is able to diagnose soft tissue injuries and would therefore reduce the need for further imaging and reduce repeat hospital appointments.

  • Availability of MRI. Aspect Imaging Hand and Wrist MRI system can be installed practically anywhere, no RF shielded room is required. In addition, Aspect Compact MRI is highly cost-effective and affordable in comparison with current, full-body MRI systems.

  • Aspect Imaging’s dedicated MRI system is intuitive and easy to operate. The ease-of-use of our MRI would reduce the problem of requiring highly trained staff to operate the system, day or night.

  • Conclusion: The GDG concluded that the evidence indicates that MRI is the most clinically and cost-effective first imaging strategy for suspected scaphoid fractures. As such, the GDG strongly recommends that hospitals should work towards increasing access to MRI for this population. The GDG further noted that greater access to MRI would have benefits for other patient populations also.

NICE Guidelines - Scaphoid Fractures & MRI
Point-of-Care: accessible, available & affordable
Dr. Alex De Jesus - MRI & Arthritis

At Aspect Imaging, we have a dedicated solution that meets or exceeds all NICE requirements!

Aspect Imaging’s compact MRI, with its considerably cheaper purchasing and running costs, will bring even higher savings than those outlined by the GDG study.

In practical terms, the running cost of Aspect MRI is equivalent to the power consumption of a typical home appliance.

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