Aspect Imaging’s revolutionary compact WristView™ MRI system is bringing accessible MRI to all. In every clinic, in every hospital, to every patient.

Cutting-Edge Technology
  • No need for RF-shielded facility, no cooling system required

  • Simple to operate with an intuitive, user-friendly interface 

  • DICOM compatibility and PACS connectivity


Optimal Patient Comfort

  • Non-claustrophobic, Only the hand is inserted into the magnet

  • Ergonomic design for optimal comfort

  • “Whisper gradients” for quietest possible operation


Practical, Affordable

  • Small footprint

  • Quick installation

  • Low maintenance and low total cost of ownership

The WristView™ produces high quality images of the internal structure of the wrist and hand
Launch of WristView™ RSNA, Chicago 2016

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wrist for wix trans
WV front med strip 1.1
WV back strip 1.2

Point-of-Care Mini MRI for the Hand & Wrist 



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